Nelson Bighetti

Professor of Artificial Intelligence

Stanford University


Nelson Bighetti is a professor of artificial intelligence at the Stanford AI Lab. His research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter. He leads the Robotic Neurobiology group, which develops self-reconfiguring robots, systems of self-organizing robots, and mobile sensor networks.

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  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Information Retrieval


  • PhD in Artificial Intelligence, 2012

    Stanford University

  • MEng in Artificial Intelligence, 2009

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • BSc in Artificial Intelligence, 2008

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology










Agriculture Technology Specialist


Feb 2019 – Nov 2019 Limuru, Kenya
  • Conducted background research and user studies into a new product line
  • Developed Gantt chart and architectural design of Android application
  • Designed and helped implemented new Android application using Flutter
  • Outreach and collaboration with farmers and agronomists on digital solutions
  • Unit tests, automation, and code reviews
  • Developed Flask APIs to integrate with existing SQL database

Independent Technical and Business Consultant

Kühl Consulting

Jan 2017 – Present Minneapolis, United States
  • Built numerous prototypes and technical documentation from rough business concepts
  • Helped company go from no product to the Minnedemo stage and secured their first customer and investor
  • Built Arduino prototype, including code and circuitry, for medical device startup
  • Worked with founder to build technical requirements, branding, and wireframes for augmented reality sound app
  • Developed wireframes and database schema for an app for sports startup and a racehorse management software
  • Built new completely new front-end in SCSS and doubled user retention for a job networking startup
  • Worked with fish farmers in Kenya to develop and test a user interface for an to help improve their production


Neural Networks and Deep Learning

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Blockchain Fundamentals

Formulated informed blockchain models, hypotheses, and use cases.
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Object-Oriented Programming in R: S3 and R6 Course

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